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What to do when you have no energy

June 2019

Kids are little energy zappers. Am I right? Having kids is not easy (but you love them whole heartedly!). I don’t have any yet, but I am very aware of just how tired I am if I do not sleep well. So in this blog post I thought I’d cover what you can do to maintain your energy, particularly when you’ve had to wake a few times during the night to breatfeed, tend to sick kids, let the dog out to pee, pee regularly because the baby in your belly is playing bongos with your bladder or you’re just on deadline and feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed.

Tips for energy

First tip: do not overload your day.

Definitely easier said than done. But when you’re feeling exhausted don’t keep pushing through. Take a little slower where possible. Cancel that play date if it means you don’t have to race from one place to another. Reschedule meetings that are not urgent. Take your day back to its bare bones so you’re not running on coritsol and coffee for the day. As women we tend to take on too much anyway, so now is the time to learn to say no.

Tip two: get a good quality B-vitamin.

Now this is not a magic pill, but may be the little pep in your step that you need. B-vitamins are involved in the conversion of food to energy. Meaning they make energy (called adenosine triphosphate or ATP for short) and it is the currency that our cells use, now remember we’re all made of one hundred bajillion (not an accurate number) cells.

Tip three: don’t reach for quick fix snacks

We all fall into this trap. When we have no energy, we reach for the cheap and nasty. Sugar; our sweet, sweet friend. Sure sugar works. But only for a short time. Then you crash again, once your insulin has taken all the sugar into the cells and out of the blood stream. Then we need a hit again. Instead of the cheap and nasty, I want you to focus on whole food snacks; avocado and crackers, a date stuffed with nut butter, bliss ball, a banana with peanut butter, yoghurt and fruit. These are still foods that will give you energy, but will also provide fibre, vitamins and minerals, protein and blood sugar management.

Tip four: gently move your body.

It can be as simple as a light walk in the sun. Just one foot in front of the other, we’re not trying to break land speed records here. The sun on your skin; the fresh air in your lungs; the gentle movement. Whilst it may sound counter productive, all these things help to provide energy. Think of a house plant, all it needs is a little sun, some air and a little water to thrive. Be like a house plant.

Tip five: the caffeine conundrum

Enjoy a coffee in the morning if you enjoy coffee or can tolerate it. But just one. After that move to herbal tea such as green, dandelion, olive leaf, lemon and ginger. There is no denying the caffeine in coffee helps when you’re exhausted, but if abused it also plays havoc on your adrenals and ultimately can lead to more exhaustion.

I hope some of the tips above help you, so that next time your sleep is thrown off kilter everything else stays on track.

Until next time… x


Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Northern Beaches, Mona Vale.
Jess works with women every day to help them feel amazing again, she will work with you and your goals, gently guiding you towards better health.

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