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What to do if the weight won’t shift

January 2021

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight but it just won’t budge? You’re not alone. It is a common complaint from many people who are trying to better their health through weight loss. Usually these clients have literally tried everything… for a short while. Then found that diet too hard or restrictive and gone back to the way they ate before. Yep, the old yo-yo dieter. If you’ve heard this term, but you’re unsure what it means, in a nutshell it means weight fluctuates up and down.

What to do immediately?

If you’re wondering what to do, the first question I will ask is, have you spoken to your doctor and had some blood tests done to see what your internal health is like? Whilst you may be unhappy with your appearance, you also need to know what is going on inside you too. The part you can’t see is really important.

Health factors to consider and discuss with your doctor; thyroid health, cholesterol and other lipids, liver function, blood sugar, hormonal health, cortisol levels.

As you can see from those health factors, weight loss is more than just calories in / calories out or extreme exercising.

The second thing you need to do, ask yourself why. Why is the weight not shifting? Is there some emotional tie you haven’t let go of? Do you need to speak to a psychologist or counsellor first, before commencing your weight loss journey.

Weight loss hard truths

So you’ve tried everything, you’ve done the above and the weight won’t shift. Well, here is a hard truth. Anyone can achieve weight loss, with the right tools and motivation.
Do you genuinely want to lose weight or do you like the idea but want a magic pill and anything beyond that is too hard?
Take a look at your plate and be honest are you eating too much? Is your plate over flowing with food because that is all you know?
Are you grazing all day long and having 3 large meals a day?
How many plant based foods and vegetables did you eat today?
Are you eating foods that you’re actually intolerant too and ignoring the physical signs because you enjoy that food?
Did you move for at least 30mins today? Did you get your heart rate up doing that exercise?
Have you been working towards increasing your muscle mass? You don’t need to be a gym junkie to increase your muscle mass.
How much water are you drinking?
How often are you moving your bowels?

I can honestly say, whilst most people say they’ve tried everything. They have not been consistent. Instead choosing to jump from one hyped diet to the next. Seeing results for the first two weeks, then weight gain after.

Where to start to make it work?

If you are sick of your weight fluctuating, feel like you’re constantly changing diets and not seeing lasting results this is what you need to do.

// eat a wide variety of plant based foods at each meal: rice, grains, beans, vegetables, fruit. Your plate should be at least half of these!
// track your water consumption, aiming for at least 2L per day
// move your body, every day, in some form to get your heart rate up
// remove all foods that no longer meet your nutritional needs – I’m talking to you chocolate, chips and biscuits
// cut down your alcohol intake dramatically, if not completely for 6mths to a year depending on the level of weight you need to shift
// read food labels if you must buy packaged food

If you feel like you need extra help, seek out a nutritionist or join my Nourish Your Selfie weight loss program. The next NYS program kicks off in August this year, so join the wait list to be the first to know when the doors open again.

Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, New South Wales

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