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How to stop the Sunday hangover

June 2019

Each week as Sunday comes to an end, many women are promising themselves to “start eating better on Monday”.  It’s the Sunday hangover. The day of regret about how much you drank or how “badly” you ate over the weekend. With the promise to be “healthier” from Monday. Everyone has done it. I have done it. You have done. Maybe you did it on the weekend and that’s why you’re reading this?

How do you stop the Sunday hangover?

Well to begin with, guilt, regret and self pity isn’t helping. This usually leads to comfort eating or binge eating. Instead, acknowledge what has happened. Then take steps to minimise it happening again.

Do you need better stress management in your life?
Do you need a hobby?
Can you catch up with that friend by going for a walk instead of at a bar?

The other really important thing to do is to have a think about why? Because if you don’t address the why, the mental reason, every Sunday is going to be a hangover day.

What to do when you have a hangover?

Nutritionally there are a few things you can do to help you through the day.

  1. Lightly move your body. Help your body to naturally detoxify all the excess you have consumed.
  2. Drink plenty of water. You probably did not do the 1-to-1 alcohol/water ratio last night, so you will be incredibly dehydrated.
  3. Don’t reach for the takeaway. Uber Eats is not your friend on this day, you need to cook yourself something nutritious, preferably with vegetables.
  4. Your body will be craving B-vitamins. Which is why you’re always reaching for the processed carb foods like, white bread, pasta and maccas. If you have a supplement on hand this can support your body to process the alcohol.
  5. Eat more green. Green leafy vegetables. Try making yourself a smoothie, with leafy greens such as spinach leaves added. The bonus is, you’re probably running hot with all the alcohol in your system so this will help to cool you don’t too.
  6. If you’re feeling queasy in the stomach, drink a ginger root tea. Boil some water, shave or slice some fresh ginger into a mug, pour over some warm water and sip slowly.

Is balance possible?

I’m actually a big believer in enjoying yourself. I enjoy a glass of champagne. I understand it offers me nothing nutritionally, but I want it part of my lifestyle. This is a decision I have made. It took me a long time to get here, I wrote about it in this blog. But now I have found that balance that makes me happy, healthy and allows me to live the kind of lifestyle I enjoy.

Nutrition is about nourishing the body. It is not about restriction, deprivation and bland food. If you’re feeling this way about nutrition, maybe it is time you work with me to find the perfect balance between health and lifestyle. Because it is achievable and you will no longer experience the Sunday hangover.



Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Northern Beaches, Mona Vale.

Jess works with women to help them feel amazing again, she works with you to find the perfect balance for your lifestyle. If you’d like to work with Jess, get in touch today. 

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