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Self Care Tips


Without a doubt in today’s modern world, we are permanently connected, but less engaged. Sitting in front of the TV looking at our phones, or checking emails whilst eating dinner. We don’t switch off any more. This greatly contributes to our high level of stress. And many, don’t have an outlet to relieve that stress.

From a health perspective, stress in small amounts has its place. Who doesn’t want their body’s stress mechanism to kick when they’re fighting the local saber-toothed tiger? But in our modern world, we’re all tired and wired. The stress consumes us. We feel like we are adapting but really our body is just reaching a point of constant. Stress plays havoc on our digestive system, our blood sugar levels, our immune system, our sleep, our libido and of course our brains.

So when you’re tired. Overwhelmed. Stressed. Why not give these self care tips a try? What’s the worse that could happen? That you feel better.




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