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Product Review: Beauty Boosters

April 2019

Beauty Boosters are supplements that have been crafted to provide the nutrients that support healthy skin production. I’m the first to say supplements should be used to support a balanced diet, these cannot and will not ever replace that.

I decided to trial these products for a few reasons:

  1. I have been stressed and feeling run down and just generally old.
  2. My hair has been falling out a little more than usual. Enough for me to notice.
  3. I’m getting older (hello 36thbirthday soon), as we age our skin naturally ages too. I’d like to keep a little youth for longer (vain, but true).
  4. To see if it helped my nails grow, particularly my toe damaged big toe nails (I’ll spare you the disgusting visual)

I eat well, much to my husbands disappointment when I ask “do you feel like anything for dinner” and he responds with “nothing too healthy”. So for me, I saw this product as extra support for the way I eat.

Fast beauty facts

  1. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. I bet you never thought of your skin as a organ?
  2. Vitamin C is the most underused vitamin for skin health.
    a) It is so abundant in fruits and vegetables!
    b) It is a powerful antioxidant and essential in the synthesis of collagen (the most abundant protein in the body, in short it provides skin strength and elasticity.)
  3. The skin has three layers, the health of each layer of the skin starts from within.
  4. Many skin issues have a common underlying condition; inflammation.
  5. Zinc is so important for the skin, just like vitamin C it has antioxidant properties, the top layer of your skin is particularly dependant on it due to it’s ability control inflammation and produce new cells.

What is in the range?

Complexion Perfection: is an Omega-3 fatty acid and evening primrose oil supplement. These both work to reduce inflammation and support growth/regeneration. Every cell in our body has a lipid bilayer (meaning two layers of “oil”), which is why we need good fats such as Omega-3 in our diets to support cellular strength and integrity.

Collagen-C: is high in Vitamin-C (see the beauty facts above on why this is important), and includes Glycine and Proline; two amino acids used by the body in the production of Collagen. Let’s be honest we all want to look youthful for longer, these nutrients definitely support this.

Glow Getter: this product is an all-round supplement. It contains a whole range of nutrients such as B-vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Silica, Vitamin C. This is a general multi-vitamin that will support ongoing health and vitality.

Did Beauty Boosters help?

For me, yes they did. I noticed different things to what I initially trialled them for.

  1. The skin on my face definitely felt more dewy (tick!)
  2. I recently had shellac nail polish removed (if you’ve ever had shellac removed you know how trashed your nails are after). My nails repaired a lot quicker than normal, they didn’t flake or chip (tick!)
  3. My two damaged large toe nails grew more than they have in the last 6mths. I haven’t completely lost the nail on each toe which I was also really worried about (TMI?). The strength of the new nail growing is good too.
  4. I noticed my hair definitely wasn’t falling out as much. This could be coincidental.
  5. I don’t eat seafood, honestly not a huge fan of the taste (I know, shocking for a nutritionist right?). So I take a fish oil each day, but I found the fish oil/evening primrose oil combination in the complexion perfection really helped my dry skin (particularly on my shins and arms).
  6. This was the area I noticed the biggest difference; I get small sweat pimples on my upper arm (different to keratosis pilaris). I have always had them, nothing has ever helped them (I also pick at them, which doesn’t help!). Personally I noticed that the formation and inflammation reduced taking these supplements. Again could be coincidental but I believe it to be the addition of the evening primrose oil to the complexion perfection.
  7. It helped top up my nutrients (particularly B-vitamins and zinc) at a time when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. During times of stress, we burn through our B-vitamins and thus need more of a boost.

Should you try Beauty Boosters?

In my opinion the Beauty Boosters supplements are a product that work well alongside a balanced diet. I was pleasantly surprised with what I experienced in the month I trialled them and will continue to use them.

Until next time… x



Written by Jessica Worth Nutrition, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale.

Jess is a nutritionist for women who want to get their bounce back and feel amazing again, she continually works with women to enhance their nutrition and life. If you’re interested in working with Jess, please get in contact.

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