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Product Review: Baxter Blue Glasses

May 2019

Over the last year and a bit I had been feeling really tired in the eyes. Noticeably tired. My brain was still alert but my eyes just felt heavy and sore.

I had heard about these Baxter Blue glasses. I’d read about how they work to block 50% of the blue-light. Personally I have always worked on computers and therefore looked at screens, so I didn’t think it could be the screens making my eyes tired. But my eyes weren’t getting any better. So I got the glasses.

The first pair of glasses I have owned. They are non-prescription so it was an easy process to order and they arrived quickly. I put them on and started working. Occasionally pulling them down and up to see what difference they made whilst looking at the screen.

The glare was gone. Sweet, if this is all they do then I’m happy.

Fast forward a month and I do not know how I got by without these. It took me a little while to get used to wearing them. Seeing a frame in my peripheral was new for me, but honestly after about a week I don’t even notice the frame anymore.

What is wrong with blue light?

Nothing when it comes to the rays from the sunlight. A little blue light is good for us. Actually, it is essential for normal visual function and circadian rhythm regulation.


Now we all spend sooo much time in front of screens via computers, ipads, mobile phones, TV and in artificial lighting (LEDs and fluorescent) that it is too much blue light.

In the visible spectrum, the short-wave blue light passes through to the retina causing dry eye, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration. It alters the hormonal balance within our adrenals by enhancing production and it directly affects sleep and sleep quality.

Sleep is a biggie! Who doesn’t love sleep.

What does the research say?

Research to date is inconclusive. But I want you to remember that it was only 12yrs ago is when the very first iPhone came out.

This iPhone essentially changed the world and the way technology has evolved since is mind-blowing. Wow. I just sounded so old.

Before the iPhone screens were computers and tv, now we’ve all got a screen at our fingertips. Literally.

Sadly, research takes time and money. I’d love to read research in another 10yrs time. I’d love for there to be long-term studies on the use of blue-light filtering lenses.

But for now, I can only share my experience; they are amazing and they have made a huge difference in my life.

Why Baxter Blue?

For me, I went with Baxter Blue because of all the things mentioned above, non-prescription, easy ordering, 50% blue-light filter. But the thing that sold me. The thing that made me choose them over another brand. Their pair for a pair pledge. For every purchase Baxter Blue provide a person in need a pair of reading glasses. And that makes my heart full.

Until next time… x


Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Northern Beaches, Mona Vale

Jess is a registered nutritionist who wants to cut through the confusion and help you gain clarity and better health with her simple and realistic nutrition advice.

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