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Product Review: Bake Believe DIY Cake Kits

July 2019

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I have been lucky enough to test the two new kits from Bake Believe; Strawberry Rose wholefoods cake  and Blueberry Delight wholefoods cake. Personally, when it comes to baking, if I am not following a recipe it tends to be a failure.

It’s OK though, I have skills elsewhere.

Anywho, so these cakes are particularly great for those mums who, like me, suck at baking and their kids have allergies or intolerances. The Bake Believe “packet mix” is gluten free, grain free and dairy free. No refined sugar, no preservatives or GMO. Sorry mums who have kids with nut allergies, these cakes contain almond flour and are produced in facilities that handle peanuts and tree nuts.

How easy was it to bake?

Super easy! The only thing that make catch you off guard is that the “icing” is coconut cream and the coconut cream needs to be refrigerated for 24hrs. Other than that, it is literally pour packet mix, add other ingredients, hand mix, pour into cake tin and bake. Seriously, this is my kind of baking.

How did it taste?

I know taste is on everyone’s mind. Personally I found it delicious! It is not sweet like the other store bought packet mix cakes. There is no icing sugar or sugar added to these cakes. I sweeten mine with fresh fruit and find this is all I need. The texture to me is similar to banana bread, dense and moist.

Now if your thinking, my kid will never eat this, I’d say you’re wrong.  My big 39-kid enjoyed it so much he went back for another slice. And he’s the kind of guy that gives me dinner briefs like “nothing too healthy”.

Value for money

These Bake Believe DIY wholefoods cakes sit at $50 for a single layer cake (which serves 8-10people). Which for some people it is a little more on the expensive side, but to me the value is in the following:

– tried and tested recipe mix (no researching, no trial and error baking attempts at home)
– the kit is delivered to your home (no sourcing ingredients from different shops)
– easy and stress free baking (ever tried to bake something to a deadline and it’s failed? Me too and never again)
– you could easily make them as cupcakes instead of a single cake (great for little kids)

If you have a birthday coming up and they are health conscious or have food intolerances / allergies I highly recommend you give these DIY mixes a go. These cakes are approved by this nutritionist.

Until next time… x



Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Northern Beaches, Mona Vale

A nutritionist for women, to help them feel amazing again by healing their relationship with food and themselves.

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