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Part II: Pregnancy Nutrition

September 2020

I feel like pregnancy nutrition is the one thing everyone will be curious about. And it is something I will speak openly and honestly about, because I believe transparency is so important! As everyone knows, there are three trimesters to pregnancy. So I’m going to break this blog post down into trimesters, as mine were pretty clear cut.

Pregnancy Nutrition in the First Trimester

I didn’t have any morning sickness symptoms until about week six. I know, lucky me! Then from about week six to eight, most days were pretty nauseated. I had days that were worse than others. Just this all day queasy feeling, thankfully nothing came up. I came close once, but I hate vomiting, so I just focused on my breathing to get me through it.

During these few weeks, I often didn’t feel like eating. So many nights my husband would make me scrambled eggs on a piece of toast, I’d eat a few bites and just go lay down. During the day I would often eat a cheesymite scroll. How this wasn’t a dead giveaway – I’ll never know!?! I was also still having smoothies at this time, well I don’t think she liked them because I worked out my favourite smoothie was also the thing making me feel super nauseous. Towards the end I definitely knew the foods that were triggers for me, which made the remaining weeks easier to manage.

My pregnancy nutrition advice to anyone in the first trimester is listen to your body, eat what you can keep down. Aim to continue eating nutritious meals, but do your best if you can’t.

Second Trimester Nutrition

My favourite trimester by far. I felt amazing! Welcome back smoothies. Welcome back salad. I could cook and eat all my usual foods and not feel sick. Which meant I was able to plan and prepare our nutritious meals again (you can see the type of meals I create here). I feel like this trimester is the kind of pregnancy nutrition people expected me to have the whole way through. It was also in this trimester my desire to consume more dairy milk increased. Not uncontrollably, not every day. But I also made sure I was not restrictive or guilty. I was kind to myself.

If I was out and I saw, for example a café, I’d get this thought “I want a chocolate milkshake” so some days I would buy one. I hadn’t had a chocolate milkshake in years. I also started eating Sultana Bran and milk for breakfast. I hadn’t had cereal in over 10yrs. So this dairy and sultana bran really was the only “craving” I experienced.

I was also able to increase my exercise again in this trimester. I move mostly for mobility, strength and mental health. I just couldn’t do it in the first trimester, I maintained my pilates and that was it. So it felt good to be back in the gym each week.

Nutrition in my Third Trimester

Almost like clock work, I hit the third trimester and I had a few days of nausea again. Smoothies were off the menu again (terrible timing with it being summer!). But thankfully it wasn’t too bad and I was still able to consume a diet that consisted of a good balance between fresh fruit and vegetables, protein and whole grains. Just with more snacking! Mmmm… watermelon… If you scroll back through my socials I actually talk about my obsession with watermelon.

Towards the end of the third trimester I was running out of room. She was taking up all the space and my stomach had no room to expand. So my meals became smaller, but more regular. Some days I felt like I was grazing all day on whatever I could get my hands on.

So there you have it. A nutshell view of how I ate throughout my pregnancy. I’ve always been a big believer in the 80/20 way of eating. Life is to be enjoyed, why restrict yourself so much that you’re miserable? And that’s how I took on my nutrition for pregnancy as well. I tried to eat well most of the time, but allowed myself to eat the foods I wanted when I wanted.

Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Central Coast, Toukley
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