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Five Tricks to Maintain Consistency

March 2019

Consistency. If you look up the dictionary term for consistency is says “consistent behaviour or treatment”. Not the greatest definition right? So to understand the definition I thought it’d be best to think of other words; stability, regularity, uniformity, equilibrium.

I’ve heard you loud and clear, you are struggling to remain consistent with the way that you eat. So let’s unravel it and then build it back up.

Four reasons why you aren’t consistent

Number one:

This truthbomb  is going to hurt a few people. You are not prepared. Preparation is always the key to success! In every aspect of life we prepare.

– Would you turn up to a work presentation without reviewing your notes?
– Do you drop the kids to school without packing a lunch box for them?
– Would you go on a road trip without filling up with fuel and checking your tyres?

It is the same when it comes to buying and cooking meals at home. A little bit of preparation goes a long way.

Number two:

You’ve lost your cooking mojo (everyone loses it, trust me I do too!). We all have about five-ten recipes we can make without following a recipe, then what? We’re not all natural chefs, personally I love a good recipe (shout out to my fav Donna Hay – she has some bangers). It takes the thinking out of it. You have a list that says what ingredients you need to buy and step-by-step instructions to follow. Can I have an amen! When you are busy with work, kids or both, you do not have the time or brain capacity to then create a masterpiece. Do not ever be embarrassed to follow a recipe, they are amazing for keeping you on track. Download five recipes for the week and boom, your meals are done.

Number three:

You try to overcomplicate things. A nutritious meal does not always look instagram sexy. In fact most of the time my meals are not instagram sexy, hello meat and 3 veg. But they are nutritionally balanced. Focus on the nutrition content, not how it looks.

Number four:

You’re lazy. I’m sure I lost a few friends with this one. I remember the first time my physio said to me I was lazy (I wasn’t doing the rehab exercises for my back), I was so defensive and full of excuses, but once I took the time to digest it and drop the ego. He was right (don’t tell him I said that). Being told you are lazy is brutal. Trust me I’ve heard all the excuses, because I’ve given them all in different circumstances; I’m tired, I didn’t have time, I’ve been meaning too. You have to be accountable for your own actions or inactions.

Five tricks to maintain consistency

  1. Preparation is key. This and drink water are going to be on my tombstone I say it that much. You need to prepare. Pick one or two days a week that you can allocate an hour to buy your fresh produce. Go to the store, list in hand and only buy what you have on your list.
  2. Consistent is not perfect. This is where I refer to the definition above. No one of the synonyms for consistency is perfect. You do not need to be perfect to be consistent. Once you realise this, that is half your battle. Aim to eat nourishing food 80% of the time. Key word is AIM.
  3. Stop making excuses for yourself. Yep, as difficult as it sounds, you are the only person who can keep yourself accountable. Are you eating a muffin at work for morning tea because you’re hungry or because it was just there. I’m pretty sure your response was, because it was there.
  4. Work out your life schedule. Take the time each week, month, or term, to map your commitments on a calendar. Write out all of your meetings, kids sporting commitments, social events, trips away. Write everything down. Then you can physically see which weeks are going to be more demanding than others and you can create a plan to get through it. For example, you know you’ve got a work deadline coming up and won’t be home until at least 7pm, pre-order some healthy, pre-prepared meals to store in the freezer so your nutritious meal is ready in less than 10mins. No cooking required. Pre-prepared meals are not a long term solution, but they are great when you are feeling overwhelmed and it takes one thing off your list.
  5. Let go of your restrictions. Sounds weird, so stick with me. When we put foods in a “good” and “bad” category and we say to ourselves we’re not going to eat any of the “bad” foods. Guess what? It is all you think about. Instead of categorising your food like that. Why not allow yourself to eat everything in moderation. Enjoy cake? Don’t eat it everyday but allow yourself a piece at your friends birthday. The sooner we stop labelling foods, the healthier our relationship will become with it.

Consistency is like will-power. You have to work at it, but it is completely achievable.

Until next time… x



Written by Jessica Worth Nutrition, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale.
Jess loves helping women feel amazing, she’s the little whisper in your ear to keep you going when you are trying to reach a goal. If you’re interested in seeing what is involved in a consultation with Jess, check out all the information here.

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