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Is your period normal?

May 2018

Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale

Each month as women we get our period, have you ever wondered, is my period normal? It is just this “thing” that we all go through but we never talk about it. When we’re teenagers we are so embarrassed about our period.

Then in our twenties it’s just annoying and inconvenient.

Then we reach an age where we need to track it to try and fall pregnant, and if it does arrive we’re disappointed.

I mean seriously, when does it end??

Throughout our life your period can and will change. Month to month there can be slight changes, especially if your diet has been sub-par. Does it sound like I’m talking to you?

How do you know if your period is normal?

In a perfect world, I want every woman to understand her period and her monthly cycle. If you’re trying to work out if your period is normal and Dr. Google doesn’t help – ASK! Sounds simple, but ask your friends what their period is like. Still not sure, book in to see your Doctor and talk through your concerns.

Other period signs to look out for?

When I speak with clients we discuss their monthly cycle in great depth, it gives me a really good indication into their hormonal health and ultimately their overall health. Some of the questions I ask:

– Do you have spotting in between your period?
– Do you have any PMS or period pain?
– Do you need to change a super tampon every couple of hours on your heavy days?
– How long are your heavy days?
– Do you have clots? (gross I know, but common!)
– How long does it last?
– Are you on any contraception?
– Do you have ovulation pain?
– Do you track your ovulation and mucus / discharge? (Particularly important for those who want to have a baby)

Common causes of abnormal periods?

There are many causes, and each client is treated on an individual basis, but generally speaking, the first things I look at are:

– Diet (I feel like this answer is a ‘well-dah’ kind of answer) and how much processed food is being consumed
– Alcohol intake
– Detoxification pathways (I’m talking poo – I always end up back here don’t I ha ha no pun intended)
– Iron levels

If you feel like maybe something is a little off, you’d like some help to reduce and finally rid yourself of PMS and pain, or even get your periods back in check so you can start a family. Reach out, let’s work out what is going on and get you sorted. You have to live with your period until you reach menopause – you want it to be stress and pain free!

Until next time… x



Jessica is a passionate nutritionist, with a special interest in helping women achieve optimal health by addressing their digestive and hormonal issues and weight loss. A client once said that working with me is like finally have the clouds clear to show a bright blue sky. Jess works with clients to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. That’s why she always has a champagne in one hand, salad in the other. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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