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Initial Consultation


Thanks for your interest in a nutrition consultation with Jessica Worth Nutrition. I have closed my consultation books for the first 8 months of 2020 as I am due to give birth to our first child at the end of February. There are two ways you can still work with me; sign-up for my 21-day Reset or subscribe to my email list to be kept up to date with nutrition tips and be notified as soon as I open my books again.

An initial nutrition consultation is designed to discuss your specific concerns, each nutritional consultation is tailored to the individual. In your initial consultation we’ll review your health history, your current concerns, current health status, and potentially send you for further testing, such as general blood, food intolerance test, stool testing and more.

An initial nutrition consultation is thorough investigation into your health, as such consultations can take 60-90minutes.

Nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow, it can help in so many areas of health, including:

– Weight loss and weight gain
– Bloating and digestive upset
– PCOS and endometriosis
– Infertility
– Low energy and fatigue
– Stress and adrenal support
– Food allergies and intolerances
– Auto-immune conditions such as coeliac disease
– Sports nutrition and nutrition around training

An initial consultation is the first step towards better health.
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Jessica Worth is qualified Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. Jessica is registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and regularly undergoes continued professional development to keep her nutrition registration, ensuring her health advice and nutrition knowledge is at the forefront of the industry.


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