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  • What is nutrition?
    It is the scientific study of diet patterns, foods, beverages and nutritional supplements influence on health and disease.
  • What does a nutritionist do?
    A nutritionist will usually have completed tertiary education. With a holistic approach to health, practitioners attempt to treat the whole individual with dietary and lifestyle advice, rather than addressing one or two particular symptoms.
  • What is involved in an initial nutrition consultation?
    During your initial consultation we will discuss your full health history, examine your eating habits and address your health concerns, goals and expectations. During the initial consultation we will also discuss further testing options, such as blood tests or stool tests.
  • What is an online nutrition consultation?
    An online nutrition consultation is the exact same as a face-to-face consult but we talk to each other over the computer. I use a program called Zoom for my consultations. Zoom is a reliable cloud platform that has E2E meeting encryption, so you can be assured your information is kept private.
  • How does an online consultation differ from a face-to-face consultation?
    The only difference is the information and additional helpful handouts are emailed to you. Otherwise you will receive the same tailored experience as someone face-to-face.
  • Is it better to have face-to-face?
    Whilst there are benefits of face-to-face consultations, such as visual and physical inspections, these can still be done via an online consult or I’ll ask for photos to be sent through.
  • What are the benefits of online consultations?
    You get to do it in the comfort of your own home, when it suits you. You could be in your PJs and I’ll never know!
  • Will I be sent for further testing?
    Often further testing is required to get a complete picture of your overall health. Testing provides clinical results of your internal health, which support the signs and symptoms discussed during your consultation.
  • Do I have to see you regularly?
    The simple answer is, it depends. Following an initial consultation I book in your first follow up consultation. At your first follow up consultation we discuss how I believe we should best move forward with your treatment. This will include the initial steps you need to take to modify and/or enhance your diet. Subsequent follow up consults allow you to check-in and we can discuss your progress. It also allows for modification or further nutrition education specific to your needs. Ultimately, my goal is to get you to a point where you’re comfortably managing and maintaining your own health.
  • I know what to do, I just need someone to keep me on track?
    Sometimes we all need that person to keep us accountable, I have worked with many clients like this. I think of it this way; it’s just like having a gym membership, you’re more likely to commit to change when you’re paying for it. It is easy for some to slack off or revert to old habits when you don’t have that accountability partner.
  • I live overseas but I need your help.
    No problem, we will find a mutually suitable time for your consultation and conduct it online.
  • Is what we discuss in my consultation kept confidential?
    Absolutely, just like Doctors I abide to a code of conduct.
  • I’d like my husband to see you, do you only work with women?
    No, I don’t exclusively work with women. When it comes to fertility I will only work with both the man and woman (it takes two to tango!) If your husband is ready to make some changes, please book him in.


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