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Dry July Alcohol Free Drinks Ideas

June 2018

Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale

Dry July is almost upon us and everyone participates for different reasons; but with a common goal of raising vital funds for cancer research. From this northern beaches nutritionists perspective there are so many health benefits to giving up alcohol. You will sleep better, your gut flora will improve, possibly you will lose some weight, you will have increased energy, and most importantly a full wallet.

In Australia, we’re a very social nation (check out my post on binge drinking). More often then not, our social gatherings are over food and/or alcohol. Think about it. When was the last time you went out alcohol free? Being pregnant doesn’t count! So this Dry July instead of feeling like you need to be a hermit and hibernate for the month give these non-alcoholic drinks a try:

7 Dry July Substitutes

  1. Water – as if this wasn’t going to be on the list! I think I’ve hammered home how important water is in several other posts.
  2. Soda and Lime – this is one of the options I recommend if you’re catching up with friends at a pub/bar. Readily available, every location stocks it.
  3. Cranberry, lime and soda – a twist on the old soda and lime, this one is good for those seeking just a little more flavour. Again most pubs/bars stock these ingredients.
  4. Kombucha – a fermented tea that is similar in fizz to soft drink. You can get creative here and create your own mocktail by adding blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc. Why not make a jug for your next BBQ and put some cups out for others to enjoy?
    There are so many great brands now: Remedy, Mojo, ROK, Tonicka
  5. Cucumber and tonic – many people enjoy this with gin. Simply remove the gin. Add in some rosemary or mint to add another level of flavour.
  6. Herbal tea – yes you can drink tea at a social gathering! This is particularly handy for winter, I often put tea in a thermos and take it to a party or BBQ. Trust me, people only look at you strangely the first time. Then they think you’re a genius when you’re toasty warm on the inside from your tea, whilst they drink they’re cold, cold, drink.
  7. Mocktails – these are usually a combination of fruit juice and soft drink. You can always find a mocktail on a bar menu or you can create your own for your next house party. The one thing I will note is, they do have a lot of added sugar so you will need to limit your consumption.

Handling social reactions

People are always going to ask, “why aren’t you drinking?” Then try and force a drink on you. As Dry July becomes more popular this is easily explained, but when it’s not July, you can simply answer “because I don’t want too”. You don’t need to create an excuse for yourself or justify your actions to anyone.

Enjoy Dry July, enjoy the heath benefits and keep being social.

Until next time… x



Jess is a northern beaches based mobile nutritionist working with women to improve their health and vitality. With a special interest in weight loss, hormones and digestion, Jess helps a wide range of clients feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. Nutrition isn’t a one trick pony, let Jess tailor your nutrition program specific to you.  

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