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6 Tricks to Drink More Water

February 2019

Water is life. The end. Nothing else to say here.

OK I’ll give you a little more detail.

Have you seen the memes “The human body is mostly water, so basically we’re all cucumbers with anxiety”. Well, it’s kind of true. Our body’s contain a lot of water, which is why we need to drink water.

Every action within the body requires water as a part of the chemical action. Just look at all of its use:
– In our digestion
– Our urine
– Our bowel movements too
– Plasma in our blood
– It helps to regulate our temperature
– It protects our spinal cord and joints, by acting as a cushion

We lose water;
– Talking
– Breathing
– Sneezing
– Sweating
– Crying
– Digestion

How much water do you need?

As an adult, you should be aiming to consume 2.7L per day. 2L of this should be from water we drink. The remaining 700mL comes from the fruit and vegetables we consume.

6 tricks to drink water

Sometimes you need to play some jedi mind tricks with yourself, so here are some of my tricks to help you drink more water.

  1. Keep your drink bottle on you at all times; in your bag, in the pram, on your desk, in your car.
  2. Set a reminder on your phone; every 30mins a reminder will pop up saying “Drink Water”.
  3. Put elastic bands around your drink bottle. If you have a 500mL, put 4 bands around it, 1 L put two bands etc. And remove a band each time you refill.
  4. Add flavour. If you find plain water boring, add some flavour. Lemon or lime, berries, or some sprigs of mint.
  5. Drink herbal tea. Another alternative to add some flavour. Enjoy a couple of cups of herbal tea a day.
  6. Make a drinking game out of it; each time your child complains, sip water or if you’re at work, each time a song is repeated on the radio, sip water.

Habits aren’t formed in one day. Gradually they become second nature and part of your life, so start simple.

Until next time… x



Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale
Jessica Worth Nutrition is helping women feel amazing! If you want to learn how to support your health book your consultation now.

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