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Oops I Gained Some Covid-kilos

February 2021

Covid-kilos is a new term, let’s be honest since this pandemic hit, there have been lots of new terms. But covid-kilos refers to the weight gain due being in lock down. Lockdown has been hard for many, the isolation, the inability to move you body and be only a short amount of time outdoors. Working from home became the norm, with many people working on laptops right next to the kitchen! Of course some extra weight was going to appear. I also missed out on the exercise self motivation gene. Thanks mum and dad!

So here is the first step to addressing those extra kilos? Forgive yourself.

You cannot move forward in your life whilst speaking negatively to yourself. You need to remember that your self worth is not defined by your weight. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So number one, be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself with love and positivity. None of the other tips below will help if you ignore this vital step.

What to do about those Covid-kilos

  1. Here is a great tool that I have always used. Keep a food diary! Write down everything you eat in a day for a week. And I mean physically write it down. There is so much power putting pen to paper. This is a great self awareness exercise. You will actually realise how much you’re eating, or perhaps snacking during the day. This is where you can see some patterns.
    // Are you eating particularly high energy foods, but sitting all day?
    // Are you snacking all day, plus having your three meals?
    // Did iso baking become your thing, can you replace some ingredients to make it more nutrient dense?
    // Did you get lazy with cooking or lose interest in preparing a meal? (I know I did!)
    // Are you eating the minimum 2 fruit / 5 vegetables per day?
    // Are you eating foods that actually cause you digestive discomfort or constipation?A food diary is a cheap, easy tool you can start using straight away.
  2. Move for love not hate. What I mean by this is, move your body in a way that makes you feel good. If it’s summer, do you enjoy swimming? Add a morning walk to your routine or play at the park with your child or set your alarm 20mins earlier and do some yoga / stretching. Movement is essential for increasing our muscle mass and powering the engine within (our metabolism).
  3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. We’re all guilty of it. I know I am. In lockdown if I had the choice of fruit or a muesli bar, guess what I chose. That energy dense, hug-me-now muesli bar. It seems so obvious, but as mentioned in point 1, if you notice you’re not meeting the minimum daily intake, this is a great place to start.
  4. Increase your water. Another well-duh moment. But when you’re out of routine, things like this also slip. Have your drink bottle or cup with you at home and drink. Not only is important for your body, it helps to flush toxins (which are just a natural by-product of your metabolism) out. It will help to hydrate your colon, because there is no better feeling than ridding your body of built up waste.
  5. Be honest with yourself about your alcohol intake. I understand for many it helped to get through the days of home schooling, work and life. But now is the time to reduce or remove completely. Alcohol is really high in kilojoules, and the source of Covid-kilos for many. And the body stores all unused energy from food in the same way. Fat.

Next steps to support your weight

Change is hard, especially in these still uncertain times. Start small. Write down your big goal, then little baby goals that you will celebrate along the way. Say you want to lose enough weight to fit back into your jeans comfortably. Think of some small wins you could celebrate along the way, such as: being able to pull them up over your hips, being able to get the zipper half way up, being able to get the zipper all the way up, being able to put them on without sucking in your breath, to finally being able to fit them again comfortably. Each small step is a win towards your end goal. You need to celebrate that!

If you think you need a little help to reset your eating, why not try my 21-day Reset? Full of nutritious and delicious recipes, meal plans and shopping lists. Because sometimes, you just need that little helping hand to kick start your health again.

Until next time… x

Written by Jessica Worth, Weight Loss Nutritionist, Australia

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