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Christmas Gift Guide 2020

November 2020

I know, it is Christmas already! Not going to lie this year has been a weird one, am I right!?! So I thought this year I might put together a Christmas gift guide, a little health based, a little yum based, a little home based and a little environment based. Some people don’t want anything for Christmas, but if you’re like me and gifting is one of your love languages, you still want to get something small. This is the Christmas gift guide for you. I’ve linked to all the business pages to make it super easy for you too.

Christmas Gift Guide

Nourish your Selfie weight loss program or 21-Day Reset. It would be remiss of me to not include my own product, because honestly, they’re pretty darn good. This is not the kind of gift you purchase for someone, because… well it could be taken as insulting. This is the gift you buy yourself, because you deserve it!

Goodness Me Box. If you haven’t heard of these boxes, I’m about to blow your mind (and tastebuds). This is a subscription based monthly box of the latest food products on Australian shelves, delivered to your door. Goodness Me Box are Australia’s leading health food sampling service. And anytime anyone wants to deliver me food, it’s a total win.

SolCups and SolBottles. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I encourage the use of glass over plastic. It is not only better for the planet but also our health. There are chemicals within plastic that can leech into the food you’re consuming, causing all sorts of health issues. Sure they’re a little pricey, but they are designed for long term use. And as someone who has smashed a few glass bottles by accidentally dropping them, the rubber around them is not only pretty but SUPER helpful if you’re a klutz.

Sans Drinks. I only recently discovered this company and I’m so happy I did. They sell all sorts of non-alcoholic drinks. I have had the Odd Bird prosecco and the Seed Lip margarita and they are the bomb diggity. I have no more to add. Just try it.

Luka Candles. These are the candles I use at home. I had the privilege of meeting the maker too. Beautiful scents that don’t over power the senses. Trust me, I have tried some candles in my time and some actually smell like the toilet blocks my grandparents used. These do not! The two I have on rotation is Watermelon and Mint / Tahitian Lime and Coconut. But be quick, she sells out fast!

Neoflam Pots and Pans. OK so this is not a sexy one at all. But it is practical! And when we moved, we upgraded a lot of our old, falling apart pots and pans to Neoflam. I personally love a non stick pan (that says something about the way I cook lol – even more so now there is a baby distracting me), these have a natural non-stick coating made mostly from silica. Current non-stick pans have a teflon coating which can be harmful to your health.

Pico Chocolate or Alter Eco Chocolate. I cannot split the two of these. Both are/have vegan options. Both are delicious. Who doesn’t love the gift of chocolate? No one. The answer is no one. Chocolate is always a welcome gift. And both are on the lower price point than the suggestions above, so great for something like KrisKringle.

Fruit Box Delivery. This can be totally DIY or you can order one local to you. So I haven’t linked this to an actual brand, as it will depend on your location. But either way, a fruit box delivery is a wonderful gift idea. The smell of summer fruits wafting out of the box as you pack it and hand deliver it to your friend, parents, aunts and uncles, bosses, work colleagues etc will have you salivating.

Juniper Organic Skin Care. I use this brand and highly recommend it. I have tried other organic brands and they just did not suit my skin at all. You won’t find these at your local supermarket, you can buy online or at special stores such as health food shops. They have a teenage range if you’re needing a gift for a family member. I have five of their products and I’m about to buy their Vitamin C serum because I got really bad pigmentation being pregnant.

Will and Bear Hats. Beautifully made and they plant ten trees for every at sold, which just warms my heart. I have a Will and Bear hat and it was the best investment I made. Thankfully I’ve had it a few years now, so I can really protect my face from the sun (see why above!). And let’s be honest, their imagery is just so dreamy, they take me away on an imaginary holiday.

That’s my top ten suggestions for Christmas this year. But do you know what I want most of all, time with friends and family. If this year has taught us anything, let it be this, creating memories is the most sacred thing of all.

Until next time… x

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