whats-your-christmas-tradition 15/12/19

What’s your Christmas Tradition?

I feel like every family has a Christmas tradition. In our family, it is the Christmas pudding my mum makes every year. The pudding recipe is from my great grandmother and I’ve watched my mum make it for so many years, I hope one day it’s passed onto me. It involves soaking fruit in brandy […]

bloated 30/11/19

Why am I Always Bloated in the Afternoon?

It is not uncommon for me to hear clients say by the afternoon they’re bloated. They wake up with a flat stomach in the morning, then by 3pm their pants are tight and uncomfortable. If this also describes you, read on! Is bloating normal? Well it depends. The way our large intestine and microbiome function, […]

bowel-movement 23/11/19

Don’t Ignore this Body Signal

I’m the first to admit I have a public toilet phobia. I don’t like them, never have, never will. So when it comes to going to the toilet, I have always, ever since a young kid tried to hold on to a bowel movement. But here is why I have taught myself not to, and […]


Meet your Hunger Hormone

Have you ever heard or ghrelin, also known as our hunger hormone? Ghrelin, amongst other things within the body stimulates our appetite. In our world of abundance, most people don’t allow themselves to get hungry (myself included, come at me snacks!). So you may not be familiar with how this hormone or its mate leptin […]


Coffee: the good, the bad, the ugly

I feel like this is going to be a popular post, because everyone drinks coffee but they also wonder just how healthy it is. Personally, I don’t drink coffee. I’m part of the rare breed of people that don’t like the taste. So for me it’s easy to avoid, but for many it is a […]

tips-when-eating-out 03/11/19

Useful Tips When Eating Out

Looking for tips when eating out? You’ve come to the right place. Because guess what? You can eat out, have a life and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t believe everything you hear or see that says otherwise. The number 1 thing that creates a healthy lifestyle is happiness. Happiness is family, friends, being social, […]