calorie-counting 07/09/19

Why you need to stop calorie counting

Calorie/kilojoule counting is a big pet peeve of mine (well in Australia our measurement is kilojoule, but everyone uses calorie, so I guess I have two major peeves). Anywho, I don’t see any value in it for health. For one, who has the time? Talk about a burden. And two, many people work out their […]

snack-ideas 24/08/19

10 snack ideas for busy people

The reality of life; we all looove to snack and we’re all busy. Whether it is; kids work social commitments health commitments family time alone time the list goes on… When you’re busy and you’re feeling unprepared you need quick, easy snack ideas or hellloooooo vending machine full of chocolate and chips. 10 snack ideas […]


Which fats are best?

Fats and oils are by far the most confusing element of nutrition for so many. In the 80s low fat was king! We were told that the fat caused weight gain, heart disease, cholesterol issues and more. Fat was evil and we should all eat low fat. In fact, fats actually have a huge benefit […]


Product Review: Bake Believe DIY Cake Kits

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I have been lucky enough to test the two new kits from Bake Believe; Strawberry Rose wholefoods cake  and Blueberry Delight wholefoods cake. Personally, when it comes to baking, if I am not following a recipe it tends to be a failure. It’s OK […]


Do you dream when you sleep?

It’s a question I ask every one of my clients, do you dream when you sleep? I’m not seeking you to remember your dreams and recite them back to me, but it tells me a lot about the quality of sleep you’re getting. Sleep is absolutely essential to the body, both physically and mentally. Just […]


How to Shop at the Supermarket

We all know how to shop at the supermarket. Walk in. Buy what you need. Leave. Simples. Or is it? As much as I advocate for buying fresh produce, we’re all not immune to heading to the supermarket to buy food. I understand the convenience, everything is under one roof, what’s not to love? Well, […]