How to Shop at the Supermarket

We all know how to shop at the supermarket. Walk in. Buy what you need. Leave. Simples. Or is it? As much as I advocate for buying fresh produce, we’re all not immune to heading to the supermarket to buy food. I understand the convenience, everything is under one roof, what’s not to love? Well, […]


How to stop the Sunday hangover

Each week as Sunday comes to an end, many women are promising themselves to “start eating better on Monday”.  It’s the Sunday hangover. The day of regret about how much you drank or how “badly” you ate over the weekend. With the promise to be “healthier” from Monday. Everyone has done it. I have done […]

PMS-symptoms 23/06/19

How to experience a period without PMS

I am shocked with the amount of women I speak to who are experiencing PMS symptoms each month. Why do so many women accept that it is normal? Common yes. But PMS is not something you should be experiencing. Your period every month To gain an understanding of PMS, you first must understand the hormonal […]

healthy-relationship-food 16/06/19

Has nutrition gone too far?

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? It’s a question I‘ve been asking myself lately. Wondering has nutrition gone too far. Everyone is an expert and telling you what you can’t eat. So now everyone is just straight up confused. Before I studied nutrition I stopped eating fruit after reading a particular book about […]

improve-energy 09/06/19

What to do when you have no energy

Kids are little energy zappers. Am I right? Having kids is not easy (but you love them whole heartedly!). I don’t have any yet, but I am very aware of just how tired I am if I do not sleep well. So in this blog post I thought I’d cover what you can do to […]

fuelling-exercise 02/06/19

Fuelling your Exercise

There are so many supplements on the market today, with suppliers telling you that you need it for fuelling your exercise. So I thought I’d break it down a little for you, so you can work out (see what I did there) if you need them or not. Do I need a pre-workout for fuelling […]