jessica-worth-nutrition 19/05/19

Natural Medicine Week: What Does a Nutritionist Do?

I am a nutritionist, but I like to say registered nutritionist. To me it is a really important distinction. Why? Because I studied for three years, I am registered with an association, I can provide health fund rebates, I have insurance, I complete continuing education. I do this so I can be the best nutritionist […]

baxter-blue-review 05/05/19

Product Review: Baxter Blue Glasses

Over the last year and a bit I had been feeling really tired in the eyes. Noticeably tired. My brain was still alert but my eyes just felt heavy and sore. I had heard about these Baxter Blue glasses. I’d read about how they work to block 50% of the blue-light. Personally I have always […]


How to recover from the Easter chocolate binge

We all love Easter, for some it is a very holy time, for others it is just days off and chocolate. Whatever your reason to celebrate, overindulgence and a chocolate binge is usually on the menu. Your body on processed sugar Depending on the type of chocolate you’ve enjoyed (dark chocolate gets a hall pass […]


What is bloating?

Bloating is a common digestive complaint I see with clients. Often people complain of starting off in the morning with a flat tummy, but by the afternoon their pants are tight and their stomach is bloated. Essentially bloating is gas circulating around your intestines. Think of it this way; when you’re first trying to blow […]


Recipe: Carrot and Walnut Muffins

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just really want a muffin. I fell in love with muffins when I got my first full time job and the cafe right near my office made the MOST delicious raspberry and coconut muffins. I pretty much ate one nearly every day. Fast forward 14yrs (wow, that […]

beauty-boosters 02/04/19

Product Review: Beauty Boosters

Beauty Boosters are supplements that have been crafted to provide the nutrients that support healthy skin production. I’m the first to say supplements should be used to support a balanced diet, these cannot and will not ever replace that. I decided to trial these products for a few reasons: I have been stressed and feeling […]