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Alcohol and Weight Loss

April 2018

Written by Jessica Worth, Nutritionist, Sydney, Mona Vale

Alcohol impacts weight loss. There I said it.

Straight off the bat.

Ripped off like a band aid.

When clients come to me for weight loss, one of the first things I consider removing from their diet is alcohol. In most cases, I do remove it for a period of time.

Weight loss is hard work. It takes persistence and commitment. So when you work with me, I will potentially take alcohol out of your diet. If you can’t do that. Maybe I’m not the right nutritionist for you. It’s a hard truth for some to hear.

So alcohol is out. Why?

– alcohol provides empty kilojoules
– the body uses alcohol as fuel before any other fuel, you will not burn fat whilst alcohol is consumed
– many alcoholic beverages are high in sugar, excess sugar contributes to weight gain and can lead to type II diabetes
– alcohol lowers testosterone (women also produce this hormone), testosterone increases lean muscle mass, which in turn increases your metabolic rate
– alcohol depletes essential vitamins and minerals
– alcohol impacts your hormones, leading to an imbalance, and in women this impacts weight loss
– alcohol puts added pressure on your liver, which generally in today’s modern world is already under pressure
– alcohol increases your appetite, late night kebabs anyone??

Do I need to go on?

Can you lose weight and drink?

You can. But weight loss is achieved much more slowly. However, if you need alcohol for sanity (and I know sometimes we all do), you can have a glass. Opt for red wine first. Red wine provides resveratrol, which has health benefits.

If you don’t drink red wine, I recommend vodka and soda water with fresh lime. A spirit with a non-sugar based mixer is the next best option, unless you can drink spirits straight (which I can’t, so tend to not suggest it).

My role in your weight loss journey

I’m an extension of your support network, I’ll guide you, I’ll listen to you. But you have to do the work.

Changes only happen when you take ownership, you can read my post about change and perfection here.

You can do this, I believe you, it’s time you believe in yourself.

Until next time… x

Jessica is a passionate nutritionist who specialises in helping women achieve their health goals. With a special interest in digestion, hormone health and weight-loss, Jessica works with clients to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you’re interested in getting your health on track, but want to start small, download my FREE cupboard cleanse ebook here.

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