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My Story


Hi!  I’m so glad you’re here – it’s great to meet you!

I’m Jess, a qualified nutritionist with a passion for healthy living (well most of the time, who doesn’t love brownies!). I’ll level with you; I became a nutritionist after my own health suffered. I was working in a corporate job and living the long business lunch lifestyle. Once reality kicked in, I realised just how unhealthy I had become…

I had gained weight.

I was drinking alcohol in unhealthy amounts.

I was unhappy.

And it was this moment that started it all for me, from here I went on to study nutrition and now I love to help other women with their health and weight loss. I’m explaining all of this, because I want you to know you’re not alone. I’ve been there too. I know what you’re going through. And sometimes it just down-right sucks.

I am dedicated to sharing my nutrition knowledge, especially now I’m a mum. I’ll break down nutrition to the basics so you can make informed decisions and create healthy habits for life. I’m not into restrictive diets or calorie counting. Instead I want to teach you to fall in love with food and yourself, whilst still living a life you love.

And that’s why my philosophy will always be; a champagne in one hand, a salad in the other.


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